Law Society of Kenya
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Practice Areas:
Civil & Criminal Litigation |Commercial Litigation |Company Law |Employment Law| Conveyancing & Real Estate | Drafting and Registration of Debt Securities | Debt Recovery| Company Management and Compliance Services| Constitutional and Administrative Law |Public Procurement Law.


Maroa holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of Nairobi (Hons) and Post Graduate Diploma from Kenya School of Law. Before joining the firm as a partner, Maroa had acquired rigorous legal training from Maanzo & Co. Advocates as a Senior Associate. Maroa is a brilliant lawyer who has developed extensive legal experience both locally and internationally and has achieved impressive success in numerous high-profile cases. In this regard, Maroa has handled several landmark cases in the areas of civil & criminal litigation, commercial litigation, company law, employment law, conveyancing & real estate, drafting and registration of debt securities, debt recovery, company management and compliance services, constitutional and administrative law and public procurement law. Simply put, Maroa is an adept litigation and corporate-commercial counsel who is a routine winner inside and outside the court and delivers the desired results to our clients.